Monday, 25 May 2009

Birthdays are like buses

They all arrive at the same time

Havent managed much crafting over the last week or so as I am running about like a chicken with it's head choppped of trying to get everything sorted for a weeks holiday to Turkey. So between working and sorting out insurance, money, tickets, packing etc there hasn't been much time for anyting else. (Why do men think getting ready means putting their jacket on as they leave for the airport!)

but I have quite a few birthdays coming up which guarantees that my mojo has gone awol. So, this card has been made with one of my nieces in mind, problem is I haven't decided which one!

I will get round to putting a sentiment in the centre but until I decide which one its for I will leave it blank. One is 21 this year and the other is 22, I have a feeling that I may make a more individual card for the 21st but time is limited so who knows they may both end up with very similar cards this year. I also have 2 50ths My brother and my best friend both of which I need for the day after I return from holiday. Neither of which have been started yet so I have 3 days AAAAGGGHHHH!

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  1. Fab card, hope you have a wonderful holiday - I know what you mean about men's idea of getting ready!