Friday, 11 December 2009

RIP Keith 1959-2009

Sadly I feel I cant post at the moment Certainly not cards.
Two weeks ago I received a phone call to tell me that my brother had passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. He was only 50 and it has been a huge shock. He was a huge person in every way, 6'6"tall, with a personality to match and even although we werent close geographically I alway felt he had my back. We didnt always agree but he was my big bro and I looked up to him even though sometimes he exasperated me
I hate the thought that  I'm nobodies kid sister anymore either. I dont want to be a grown up to everyone I know. I'm sure those of you in the same situation understand what I mean.
So I am going to leave blogging for now though I will post again in the New Year. Until then I would like to wish anyone that has been kind enough to visit my blog a peaceful Christmas and New Year and ask that you take the time to contact your loved ones if you cant see them this festive season. Dont be like me and think you can leave it til later cos you sometimes don't get the chance.


  1. Oh I am so sorry Sugarplum. There is nothing to say that will help you now, just know that I am thinking of you and take strength from your friends and loved ones.

    Big hugs from Devon to you.

    Ali x

  2. We know each other from the same forum: I too am sad at the moment having lost my Dad at the same time as you lost Keith. I agree - being grown-up is sometimes too much to bear. But we do, you will, life will somehow start to bring its blessings to your notice.

    Meanwhile, it is perfectly understandable you will have a break from online life. However, I hope you read this post and will know I do care about the people I rub shoulders with on the Internet. We share something in common - our humanity.