Monday, 20 April 2009

here goes nothing

Despite following others blogs for over a year, up until now I didn't feel brave enough to start one of my one so what changed? Well another birthday came and went and all those things on my to do list are still staring back at me. I may never lose the weight, Ride an elephant in Thailand or publish a best selling novel but I can tick on thing off. I started a blog.

And on this blog I will be mainly satifying my obsession with all things inky! Card making, which started as just another craft I dabbled in has slowly but surely taken over.My house is slowly drowning in a sea of paper, ink and rubber A scenarion I'm sure other paperholics will be familiar with

I guess if I'm going to claim to be a card maker I will need some evidence of my crimes so my intention is to post pictures of my efforts. I beleive the polite term for my "style"is eclectic (translated that means I just make what I feel like at the time) I'm particularly keen on rubberstamping (really loving sugar nellie stamps at the mo) though do sometimes decoupage

So if you stumble across me when blog hopping stop and say hello cos I feel like the new girl at school


  1. Well done on your first post Sugarplum ! Hugz XXX Fab ps: love the cards !

  2. Well done from me too - beautiful cards, I love those bunnies :-)

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging Sugarplum.Brilliant cards aswell.

  4. Welcome to blogland sugarplum. 2 Lovely cards in your first post - keep up the good work!

  5. Great start Sugarplum. I love that bunny card!

  6. Hi Sugarplum.

    Good to see you took the plunge - I love your blog background.

    Great cards to start you off too!

    Hugs Pamela (Pyjama Princess)

  7. Well done Fi on your FAB new blog. Lovely cards too

    Have fun

    Jeanette x

  8. Wow Sugarplum, your blog looks great already!! Stunning cards... I see you love the gorjuss girls too.
    Sandra xx

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  10. Hi sugarpum - have popped in from Craft Telly to ask one thing - what stopped you? This is fantastic for a beginner - ab fab! I'm writing a novel, by the way!

    [The S.A.D. comment was also mine but I have edited my profile - it was lying dormant until now![